Miloš Winery

Uncover Miloš winery and its unique, hand-processed, and ecologically produced wines from native varieties! Taste the essence of Pelješac peninsula terroir!

Producing grapes and wine in Ponikva village on the peninsula of Pelješac has been a Miloš family tradition for many generations.

Winemaking is based on the indigenous varieties:

  • Maraština and Plavac Mali.

Today, Miloš winery owns 15 hectares of vineyards on some of the highest-quality appellations of the Pelješac peninsula.

The vineyards are raised on sandy soil and formed on the cliffs of the dolomites. Hand processing of vineyards and ecological production demand maximal attention to every detail.

They select grapes based on the position and preparation of the vineyard, the year of the harvest, the way the grapes were picked, the weather, and the technology in the cellar.

This means that every type of wine demands a different procedure. Miloš winery makes different types of wine: dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, and raw dessert wines.

For over 20 years, the quality of their wines has been attracting the spotlight of domestic and foreign critics. It’s thanks to that very spotlight that they have positioned themselves at the very top of the Croatian wine scene.

Aside from being successful in Croatia, some of their wines have also attained good results in some of the most demanding wine markets as the US.

Visitors can experience a guided wine cellar tour and wine tasting of their awarded wines.


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