Lipanović Winery

Discover the secret underground wine cellar in Lipanović winery! Centuries-old traditions and rare native varieties make for an unforgettable experience!

The Lipanović winery is a family winery located on the island of Vis whose winemaking tradition was implanted when, more than one hundred fifty years ago, the ancestors arrived on the island and planted the first vine.

They continued this long tradition and opened a winery in 1998. Their 5 hectares of vineyards are located on the island’s fertile central and southeast sides, with additional 4 hectares in cooperation.

To this day, native varieties:

  • Vugava and
  • Plavac Mali,

make the majority of their selection, but they are working on revitalizing less popular and nearly extinct native varieties, such as:

  • Kurteloška,
  • Palaruša,
  • Palagružonka,
  • Glavanjuša.

Upon visiting Lipanović winery, visitors will enjoy the only wine cellar in the world inside a military tunnel dug into the hill above the town of Vis. The ambiance that reflects the history of their beloved island is the setting for an unforgettable wine spectacle!

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