Kabola Winery

Discover Kabola winery, where organic wines meet Istrian delicacies and stunning views of the Alps and the Adriatic. Indulge your senses in the best way!

Kabola winery is situated on the northwest side of the Istrian peninsula at an altitude of 275m above sea level. The marvelous view stretches from Alps and Dolomites on one side to the lush greenery of intact nature and beautiful sea panorama on the other.

The Markežić family’s Kabola wine story began way back in 1891 with Momjan Muscat. And continued with varieties:

  • Malvasia Istriana,
  • Teran,
  • Cabernet Sauvignon,
  • Merlot.

Their vineyards are located on the hills of Stancija and Kanedolo, near the village of Momjan. The soil consists mainly of clay and is rich in marl, giving the wines their distinctive local identity.

Through hard work and dedication in the vineyards, they grow grapes that reflect and express the region and climate.

Since 2009 the winery has produced all grapes that are organic and environmentally friendly. Kabola was the first wine cellar in Istria with an eco-certificate.

After the wine cellar tour, visitors can enjoy wine tastings on the terrace or in a wine-tasting room with prior notice. You can enjoy Istrian delicacies (Istrian prosciutto and extra virgin olive oil) with wine tasting.

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