Degrassi Winery

Discover the incredible story of Degrassi winery! From restaurant business to top-quality wines, passionate viticulture, to rare and native grape varieties!

The history of the Degrassi winery began at the end of the 1980s when they started producing wine for the needs of their restaurant.

Encouraged by the good results and quality of the wine, they devoted themselves exclusively to winemaking and viticulture a few years later.

Today, they cultivate about twenty hectares of vineyards on white (terra bianche) and red land (terra rosa) in the vicinity of Buje. They nurture native grape varieties:

  • Malvasia Istriana,
  • Teran and
  • Refošk,

as well as the well-known international grape varieties

  • Sauvignon Blanc,
  • Chardonnay,
  • Merlot,
  • Cabernet Sauvignon.

Moreno likes to explore so that you can find rare grape varieties for Istria in the vineyard, such as Viognier, Petit Verdot, and Pinot Noir.

He was the first of the Istrian winemakers to launch a white and red blend wine under the Terre bianche cuvée label.

The offer is rounded off by four labels of excellent sparkling wines obtained using the champagne method. They are present on the market with over twenty wine labels, and from their richly equipped archive can offer excellent wines from older vintages to visitors during a cellar tour and wine tasting.

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