Top 15 Must-try Pošip Wines

Ready to discover the superstar of Croatian white wine that's been making waves in the wine world? Allow us to introduce you to Pošip, a native Croatian grape that's taking the spotlight! So, grab a glass and get ready for wine tasting with our top 15 Pošip wines from the Dalmatia wine region!

Introduction to Pošip

Pošip is said to have been discovered growing wild in its natural habitat. However, the reality behind this fascinating grape variety is even more intriguing! DNA analysis has revealed that Pošip is a cross between two other varieties, namely Bratovina and Blatska Zlatarica, both of which hail from the stunning island of Korčula in the Dalmatia region. It is worth noting that Pošip was the first native Croatian white wine to receive a controlled designation of origin in 1967.

Key Takeaway: Pošip was officially the first native Croatian white wine to receive a controlled designation of origin in 1967. 

The Story of Pošip

The magic grape variety, Pošip, found its home in the rolling hills of Čara and Smokvica, two charming villages nestled in the heart of Korčula. Despite the difficult terrain, these vineyards yield some of the finest and most flavorful Pošip wines you’ll ever taste. 

Pošip has a rich history dating back to ancient times when it was prominently cultivated on Korčula island. However, in recent years, its production has expanded beyond Korčula and can now be found all over the southern Dalmatian region. 

From picturesque vineyards on the slopes of Pelješac and Biokovo to the rolling hills around the islands of Hvar and Brač, Petrčana near Zadar, through Nadin, the hinterland of Skradin, Komarna, and Konavale to the hinterland of Dubrovnik. If you’re a fan of good white Croatian wine, be sure to grab a bottle of Pošip and introduce your taste buds to this amazing variety!

Key Takeaway: Pošip holds the distinction of being the first Croatian white wine to receive a controlled designation of origin back in 1967.

Top 15 Pošip wines

Looking for a high-quality and delicious white wine from Croatia? Look no further than Pošip! These grapes are renowned for their high yield and, with proper harvesting and vinification, they produce full-bodied white wines that are perfectly balanced in terms of acidity and alcohol.

But here’s the exciting part: if you pick the grapes a little earlier, while they’re still healthy and green, you’ll get a lively and fruity wine bursting with freshness. This wine pairs perfectly with Mediterranean cuisine based on fish, making it a match made in heaven for seafood and wine lovers!

And that’s not all: Pošip wines boast an intense aroma and flavor, with hints of dried apricots and figs. Check out our top 15 Pošip wines from Korčula and other Dalmatian wine-growing regions to uncover a wide range of different Pošip styles.

PZ Pošip Čara

Founded in 1984, Čara is located in the heart of the beautiful island of Korčula.

The locals in this tiny, tucked-away corner of the world are hard-working people who live, breathe and work for the vine. With a stunning sea view and fertile soil, Čara is a green oasis with a story.

Wine has been grown here since ancient times, and the wine-growing locations of Čara even share the name with one of the oldest settlements on the island. With the perfect climate, high-quality soil, and winds that keep the valley fresh, it’s no wonder Čara is a picturesque paradise.

Did you know that over 50 years ago, Čara was declared the birthplace of the indigenous island variety Pošip? And in 1967, it became the first white wine in Croatia to receive protected geographical origin status. So, raise a glass to Čara, the home of one of the most beautiful stories about man, wine, and vines!


It’s a real treat for the taste buds! Expressed by the scent of attractive varietal characteristics of lime, melon, and walnut notes and light soil of red soil, elegantly full, smooth, and substantial taste.

It is rich in extract, and the ideally balanced acids helped the fusion of all substances into a mature and full-bodied wine.

Key Takeaway: If you’re a fan of Pošip, you’ve got to try this one. It’s the perfect balance of freshness and complexity – a win-win situation for your taste buds!

Blato 1902 Pošip Težak

Blato 1902, a Korčula-based wine and olive growing cooperative, takes pride in its new wine label, Pošip Težak. This wine is a testament to the dedication and hard work put into every bottle. It represents a strategic step in the cooperative’s mission to reposition its wines in the domestic and international wine scene.

With its full body and robust flavor profile, Pošip Težak embodies the essence of Dalmatian wine-making. From the rugged vineyards to the heavy-handed production process, the name Težak itself is a nod to the hardworking spirit of the region. Get ready to taste the heart and soul of Dalmatia in every sip!


Težak Pošip is full of southern character. Creamy, elegant, and rich, with many herbal aromas and some dry citrus flavors with a substantial structure. Excellent gastronomic wine with a favorable price.

Key Takeaway: Blato 1902’s Pošip Težak, is a testament to the cooperative’s commitment to producing premium wines. This full-bodied captures the essence of Dalmatian wine-making and showcases the hardworking spirit of the region. Get ready to experience the heart and soul of Dalmatia with every sip!

PZ Nerica Pošip

You might not have heard of PZ Nerica, but this small family winery has been quietly making a big impact in Čara and its surroundings over the last 15 years. With vineyards spreading across 3.5 hectares and 18 different locations, they’ve been snapping up the best plots in the area. But their crown jewel has got to be the Mindel site. This 1.5-hectare plot is located at the eastern entrance to Čara and boasts an eastern orientation and protected elevated terrain, making it super resistant to low temps. In fact, winemaker Jakša Krajančić calls it a “God-given” location!

And the best part? The Krajančić family cultivates all their vineyards by hand, just like Jakša’s grandmother, Nerica, used to do. This traditional approach to grape growing results in grape quality that just keeps getting better each year. It’s no surprise that they named the winery after her – a true tribute to her hard work. So, next time you’re looking for a new wine to try, keep PZ Nerica in mind – you won’t regret it!


This wine is a real treat for your taste buds! It’s got a unique nutty flavor that’s got a pleasant almond bitterness that’ll linger on your palate. And you know what makes it extra special? It’s got those characteristic notes that only come from the Čara terroir. It’s fresh, with a burst of citrusy goodness and loads of flowery notes. It’s the perfect balance of freshness and complexity that you’d expect from a top-notch Pošip. So go ahead, give it a sip, and let your taste buds do the talking!

Key Takeaway: Pošip Nerica is where wine meets delicious! Its nutty flavor, coupled with a pleasant almond bitterness, is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. And the cherry on top? It’s got those one-of-a-kind notes from the Čara terroir that bring fresh citrus and flowery notes to the table.

Krajančić Pošip Intrada

Luka Krajančić is the driving force behind the success of Korčula Pošip. He combines modern methods with a low yield per vine control management. This approach produces wines that have a refined international taste, making them stand out among the rest. 

Krajančić’s adventurous nature and determination to break barriers have taken the winemaking industry in Korčula to new heights. He has infused every bottle of Pošip with the essence and fragrance of this south Adriatic island, reimagined in his distinctive style.


Prepare yourself for an exhilarating experience with this wine, crafted through a meticulously regulated fermentation process using selected yeast. The wine boasts a stunning straw-yellow hue, accented with lively green undertones, and its flavor profile is truly one-of-a-kind. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the touch of dryness that graces your palate. The acidity of the wine is perfectly balanced by a range of fresh fruit flavors, including juicy apples and elderberries, and is complemented by a subtle hint of spicy vanilla and cinnamon, ensuring that every sip is as fascinating as the last.

Key Takeaway: Prepare for an exciting wine experience with this perfectly crafted wine. Its surprisingly dry sensation on your palate contrasts delightfully with the balanced freshness and burst of juicy apple and elderberry flavors. The addition of spicy vanilla and cinnamon provides an extra layer of excitement to this already thrilling wine.

Black Island Winery Merga Victa Pošip

Smokvica is an enchanting village situated in the heart of Korčula island, renowned for its stunning beauty and the birthplace of the famous Pošip wine. Winemaking is still a cherished and traditional craft in this charming hamlet, with a focus on handcrafted processes. Smokvica is also home to the “Merga Victa”, meaning “path for water” in the old Dalmatian local dialect. These freshwater ponds nourish the fertile vineyards that make Smokvica famous.

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history and proud traditions of Smokvica’s grape growers. The vineyards are situated on terraced fields carved out of rocky hillsides and nurtured by pure water from streams. With a glass in hand, imagine the hard work and love that goes into each and every sip of this white nectar. The winemakers still carry out the majority of their work by hand, just like their forefathers did, preserving the traditions and legacy of the land.

Black Island Winery carefully selects grapes from 25 local family farmers with a rich heritage of grape cultivation. Smokvica boasts a total of 200 vineyards situated between 40 and 160 meters above sea level, with vines that have been growing for 15 years. The grapes come from three different soil types, including red soil, sand, and rocky terrain, ensuring the perfect balance for the wine. Smokvica truly is a magical place that offers an unforgettable experience for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.


Indulge in the fiery spirit of the south with this bold and crisp wine, sourced from a unique blend of sand and stone that gives it its distinct minerality. With every sip, imagine being transported to a sun-kissed Mediterranean day, where the golden hues of the wine shimmer in your glass. Take in the fragrant aroma of freshly picked citruses and green apples, as the fruity flavors of lemon and lime burst on your palate. Balanced by bright acidity, this wine will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated, truly embodying the essence of the south.

Key Takeaway: Discover the essence of the Dalmatian south with Merga Victa, the flagship wine of Black Island Winery. This exceptional wine is hand-selected from the rugged Smokvica vineyard, resulting in a bold and minerally flavor that is truly unique. With its tantalizing citrus and green apple aroma, each sip will transport you to a sun-soaked Mediterranean day. Don’t miss the chance to savor this unforgettable wine.

Zure Pošip

The Batistić-Zure family is a renowned wine-making family with a long-standing history that dates back to 1996. Their love for agriculture and viticulture runs deep and extends far beyond just grape and wine production. With an extensive background in olive growing, vegetable cultivation, fishing, and cattle breeding, the Zure family has become a household name on Korčula Island. Today, they own 10 hectares of new vineyards, which were planted between 2011 and 2012, making them the largest vineyard owner on the island. However, the family’s passion for winemaking goes beyond that. The younger generation is eager to explore the unique and fascinating grape varieties of Grk and Pošip, which are native grapes grown in the sandy soils of Lumbarda.


The Pošip grapes used to make this wine were grown on the charming island of Korčula, perched on a steep vineyard that offers breathtaking views of the shimmering Adriatic Sea. The wine itself is characterized by a lively and fragrant aroma, featuring a blend of apple, vanilla, cinnamon, and fruity notes of apples and elderberry. It has a dry taste, highlighting the bold fruit flavors and a robust minerality that culminates in a refreshing, crisp finish on the palate.

Key Takeaway: Let’s celebrate the Zure winery and explore why it’s worth getting to know its wines. Immerse yourself in the family’s passion for wine and agriculture, passed down through generations. Here’s to a bright future full of exciting and delicious discoveries, blending tradition with innovation.

Grgić Pošip

Established in 1996 by Croatian-born Miljenko “Mike” Grgich, his daughter Violet Grgić, and his nephew Ivo Jeramaz, Grgić wine is dedicated to the art of winemaking. Mike’s vision was to produce the finest wines from native Dalmatian grapes, with a focus on crafting Croatia’s very best varietals: Plavac Mali (red wine) and Pošip (white wine). The winery is situated in Trstenik on the Peljesac peninsula, offering a stunning view over the Mediterranean Sea, north of the historic walls of the port of Dubrovnik, in the Southern wine region of Croatia. Miljenko’s PLAVAC MALI 1996 has been recognized twice as the BEST red Croatian wine on the market.


The grapes used for this Pošip were grown on the island of Korčula, in a small, steep area of vineyards overlooking the Adriatic Sea. After being freshly picked, the grapes are transported by boat to the winery located in the Pelješac peninsula. This wine is characterized by its fresh and fragrant qualities, offering a sensory journey to the Mediterranean with flavors of citrus, almonds, ripe melon, and savory herbs. On the nose and palate dominant are notes of apples, vanilla spice, and citrus aromas. With a dry style and penetrating fruit flavors, this Pošip offers lavish minerality on the mid-palate, leaving a brisk and crisp finish.

Key Takeaway: Uncover Grgić winery and its dedication to producing the finest wines from native Dalmatian varieties. Their Pošip wine is characterized by its fresh and fragrant qualities, offering a true sensory journey of the Mediterranean!

Korta Katarina Pošip

The Korta Katarina is a family-owned winery located in the Pelješac peninsula. Lee and Penny Anderson, Americans who fell in love with the small coastal town of Orebić, are the owners of this beautiful winery. Orebić is renowned for its culture, history, and winemaking traditions that date back to the Roman Empire. The vineyards of Korta Katarina are perched on the edge of the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, offering breathtaking views of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. The winery and villa are a wine lover’s dream, and for centuries, ‘kortas’ have been the center of family gatherings for sea captains and sailors embarking on worldly adventures.


This Pošip wine presents a beautiful golden-greenish hue in the glass, which immediately catches the eye. Its aroma is intense, featuring a blend of citrus, white stone fruits, and field flowers. On the palate, it is full-bodied and delicious, with a delicate bitterness. This dry wine is exceptionally fresh and easy to drink.

Key Takeaway: Korta Katarina Pošip is a full-bodied white wine that captures the essence of the Pelješac wine region. Get ready to experience the delicious freshness with a good structure and flavorful aroma with every sip!

Saints Hills Posh

Saints Hills, a family boutique winery, is situated on the stunning Pelješac peninsula where they produce top wines in collaboration with Michel Rolland, one of the world’s finest oenologists and a close family friend. Their vineyards in Istria and Dalmatia yield exceptional wines, such as this Dingač which originates from the microregion of the same name. Dingač is renowned for its triple insolation – from the sun, reflection from the sea, and quartz in the soil. The Plavac Mali grape used in this wine is hand-harvested and then subjected to meticulous double sorting – first cluster by cluster and then berry by berry. The result is an incredibly rich and complex wine.


Pošip for this wine comes from the Istrian vineyards with southern exposure, as well as from the vineyards on the island of Korčula in Dalmatia. The Istrian vines are relatively young, around 4-5 years old, while those on Korčula are much older, ranging from 15-20 years. Pošip is an indigenous variety known for its unique and highly aromatic qualities. To preserve its freshness and unique aroma, it is fermented and matured in large concrete tanks for around 6 months. The resulting wine has a clear golden color, with dominant aromas of ripe apricot and mango, and secondary notes of lemon, lime, honey, and dry figs. On the palate, it is complex and layered with flavors of ripe fruit, peaches, apricot, and pineapple. The finish is long and leaves a distinct bitter-sweet aftertaste.

Key Takeaway: Get ready to explore this amazing Pošip from Saint Hills boutique winery – we guarantee you will be deliciously delighted!

Volarević Pošip

The Volarević winery is a family-owned business established by a father and his four sons. Together, they identified the perfect location for vineyards – the slope beside the sea in the bay opposite the peninsula of Peljesac, rich in quartz. This micro-location provides triple insulation, from the sun, stone, and sea, making it an ideal place for growing only the tough Plavac Mali grape variety. The family follows ecological standards and processes their vineyards manually, resulting in high-quality wines. These wines are named Syrtis, which translates to Prud – the name of the village where the Volarević family resides.


The production of the exquisite Pošip involves handpicking the finest grapes from Komarna vineyards. The wine’s appearance is characterized by a golden yellow color with greenish tones, and its aroma is distinguished by a delicately tuned floral fragrance, accompanied by an orange peel bouquet and calluna honey. When tasted, this dry wine with higher alcohol delivers a smooth and elegant flavor. Additionally, its rich extract and balanced acidity contribute to the creation of a ripe and robust wine.

Key Takeaway: With a focus on sustainable vineyard management and traditional winemaking techniques, the Volarević winery creates bold and flavorful wines that are true to the rich heritage of Pošip wine culture!

Pošip Milan 

Milan Pošip is a native Dalmatian Pošip from Kaštela, produced in extremely limited quantities. This Croatian wine has a perfectly balanced flavor and is made using a unique pergola cultivation method that brings out the perfect sugar, alcohol levels, and ripening. It is a wine that will satisfy even the most discerning palate, and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to savor its delightful taste!


The wine in question is a light golden color and boasts a delightful fruity aroma, with subtle undertones of minerals, salt, and limestone. The flavor profile is well-balanced, with smooth fruity notes. It is a medium-bodied wine that lingers on the palate with a long, satisfying finish dominated by flavors of apple and grape.

Key Takeaway: This wine can add just the right bit of sparkle that will turn even an ordinary meal into something truly magical. For that extra touch of Dalmatian white wine, excellence choose Pošip Milan!  

Stina Pošip

The Stina winery hails from the island of Brač, renowned for its white stone which is reflected in the winery’s name. The beauty of Brač stone has inspired craftsmen for centuries, but it also presents challenges for traditional vintners. Despite this, the winery creates exceptional Croatian white wine that showcases the potential of varieties such as Pošip. Their Pošip comes from old vineyards in Korčula, considered the best location for growing the variety. Brač is also famous for its artists, with many poets, authors, sculptors, and painters calling it home. The island’s stone has always been a source of inspiration, symbolizing both beauty and hardship in viticulture. Therefore, if you want to pay homage to this impressive island, try a bottle of Stina’s special Croatian white wine.


Indulge your taste buds with an explosion of flavors as you uncork this delectable bottle of wine. Its aroma is infused with tropical fruit scents, a hint of vanilla, and a dash of Mediterranean herbs that add a touch of intrigue. The full-bodied fruity taste is tantalizing, while the refreshing acidity ensures that everything is well-balanced, making it the perfect complement to a variety of fish dishes. 

But don’t be fooled into thinking that only seafood enthusiasts can enjoy this exquisite beverage. It also pairs remarkably well with meaty mains such as veal or marinated poultry. The wine is rich, layered, and brimming with ripe flavors, dominated by tropical fruit, peach, Mediterranean herbs, and vanilla. Its composed acidity gives it a lovely balance and juiciness that is sure to satisfy your palate.

Key Takeaway: Enjoy a vibrant sip of sunshine with this tantalizing white wine! Each glass is filled to the brim with ripe, rich flavor layers. When you get the chance, put it on your table and find out why everyone simply can’t get enough of this amazing Stina Pošip!

Pecotić Baran Pošip Pod Korita

The Željko Pecotić Baran Winery is situated in the heart of Smokvica. Owners carry on the rich winemaking heritage passed down through generations. The winery produces wine from its vineyards in Smokvica and the highly regarded Pod Korita region, renowned for its Pošip grapes. Owners carry on the rich winemaking heritage passed down through generations. 

With its drastic temperature fluctuations, the unique Mediterranean climate in the vineyards helps the grapes mature with quality and imbues the wine with distinct, intense aromas. Pecotić Baran wines are guided by the principles of land sustainability and a deep respect for tradition.


This Pošip from Pod Korita vineyard has a harmonious blend of fruitiness with a hint of herbal undertones. The balanced and well-structured wine has a refreshing finish that makes it perfect for pairing with a variety of light and heavy dishes. The wine’s strong presence of perfectly ripe fruit is evident in every sip and leaves a lasting impression. Enjoy!

Key Takeaway: Focusing on sustainable vineyard management and traditional winemaking techniques, the Željko Pecotić Baran winery creates bold and flavorful wines that are true to the rich heritage of Smokvica and the renowned Pod Korita wine-growing subregion.

Grabovac Pošip Selekcija

For over two centuries, the Grabovac family has been passing down their knowledge of grape and winemaking in the Imotski wine subregion, an area where viticulture has been present since ancient times. Today, the Grabovac winery is among the most prominent wine producers in Dalmatia. The family owns 25 hectares of vineyards in the Imotski area, including prime positions for cultivating numerous native grape varieties. The winery and tasting room can be found in Proložac, located in the northwestern part of the Imotski. 


This wine is a true delight for the senses, with a refreshing medium-bodied texture that makes it easy to savor. It boasts a strong complexity that is particularly evident in its intense aromas of tropical fruits, hay, and aromatic herbs that are typical of Dalmatian karst. On the palate, you’ll experience a beautiful interplay between fresh, mouthwatering acidity and a medium body. As you continue to savor the wine, you’ll be treated to notes of minerality and a mild refreshing bitterness that lingers on the tongue.

Key Takeaway: Let’s lift our glasses in honor of Grabovac winery! Here’s to celebrating their rich heritage, pioneering spirit, and the exciting new tastes that await us in the years to come. Cheers!

Testament Pošip

Testament winery is situated in the wine-growing region of northern Dalmatia, adjacent to the medieval town of Šibenik. The Šibenik area presents a challenging environment for grape growth and cultivation due to its distinct climate and soil. However, this struggle for survival spanning centuries is reflected in the deep colors, intense flavors, and aromas of Testament wines. Testament wines are made through an organic production process, leveraging the region’s unique microclimate and soil to create a rich and complex taste that sets them apart.


Pošip Testament is a wine with a striking straw-gold color that leaves a thick trace in the glass. Its scent is a delightful combination of apple, pear, chamomile flower, and dalmatian karst aromatic herbs. When you take a sip, you’ll experience a complex and rich flavor with a full, fresh, and delicious ending. This wine has moderate acids that make it an ideal pairing for fish, shells, and white meat dishes.

Key Takeaway: Let’s take a moment to appreciate the outstanding accomplishments of Testament winery! Their unwavering commitment to innovation and experimentation in winemaking has led to the creation of some of the most unique and delicious Croatian Pošip.

FAQs About Pošip

What is Posip wine like?

Pošip grapes are known for their high quality and yield, producing a full-bodied dry white wine with a well-balanced alcohol and acid content when properly harvested and vinified. With an intense aroma and flavor profile, the wine presents a golden yellow hue in the glass and boasts scents of dried herbs from the Mediterranean, apricots, citrus, and pine. The most outstanding Pošip wines showcase a harmonious full-bodied-ness and exceptional balance. 

Anticipate a brilliant golden hue in the wine glass, accompanied by scents of dried herbs from the Mediterranean, apricots, a hint of citrus, apple, melon, and notes of vanilla, almond, and walnuts. The finest Pošip wines exhibit a harmonious and full-bodied taste with a remarkable balance. These wines are made in a dry style, with options available that have been aged in oak barrels or are un-oaked.

Is Posip dry?

Pošip is the ultimate dry white wine for those who enjoy a crisp, refreshing taste. With its range of juicy, Sauvignon Blanc-like flavors to bold, mineral-rich Chablis-style options and rich, polished wines reminiscent of the finest offerings from the Côte d’Or, there’s something for everyone. Some even compare Pošip to the white wines of Southern Rhône. 

Whether you’re looking for a light summertime sipper to pair with salads and seafood grills, or a bold option for autumn and winter dishes, Pošip delivers. With its sur lie aging for added depth or skin maceration for a unique orange flavor, Pošip is truly a versatile wine for all seasons. And for those with a sweet tooth, be sure to try the delicious Prošek made from Pošip. 

Pošip wine UK?

Pošip is an indigenous white grape variety that is widely acclaimed and highly sought after. It was originally grown in the region of Korčula, where it gained recognition and popularity. Wine lovers from the EU and UK can buy Pošip wines from online wine shops and retailers such as


The exquisite Pošip white wine has taken the Croatian wine scene by storm with its unique character. The mystery behind its legendary discovery and the truth about its DNA make this grape variety all the more interesting.

Take a journey through the rolling hills of Korčula island, where Pošip vines first grew and flourished, and discover the rich history of this remarkable wine dating back to ancient times.

Today, Pošip’s magic extends across the southern Dalmatian region. Indulge in the finest Pošip wines, crafted with care and passion, and experience a sip of adventure and a taste of pure bliss. If you’re a fan of good Croatian white wine, get ready to savor the magic of Pošip!

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