Pošip: The Ultimate Guide to Native Croatian White Variety

Are you curious about Pošip, native Croatian white wine stealing the show? So, grab a glass and get ready for a sip of knowledge with our top 7 Pošip wines! Let's dive into the enchanting world of this popular variety and uncover its fascinating story.

Introduction to Pošip

Are you ready to dive into the mystery behind the amazing Pošip white wine? Legend has it that this grape variety was discovered growing wild in its natural habitat, but the truth is actually much more incredible!

DNA analysis has revealed that Pošip is a cross between two other varieties from the gorgeous island of Korčula situated in the Dalmatia region – the Bratovina and Blatska Zlatarica. Did you know Pošip was officially the first native Croatian white wine to receive a controlled designation of origin in 1967? The very name “Pošip” comes from the shape of a grape – elongated and the primary tool used in the field, the mašklin, which has a dull part (pal) and a pointy part (šip).

Key Takeaway: Pošip was officially the first native Croatian white wine to receive a controlled designation of origin in 1967. 

The Story of Pošip

So, where did this magic grape variety first find its home? The rolling hills of Čara and Smokvica, two charming villages in the heart of Korčula, provided the perfect environment for Pošip vines to flourish. But getting to these vineyards wasn’t easy – the rugged terrain meant most of the work had to be done by hand. Trust us; the result was worth it. 

These vineyards yield some of the finest and most flavorful Pošip wines ever. 

Pošip has a rich history, dating back to ancient times and Korčula island, where it was prominently cultivated. But in recent years, the production of this delicious drink has expanded beyond Korcula and can now be found all over the southern Dalmatian region. 

From the picturesque vineyards on the slopes of Pelješac and Biokovo to the rolling hills around the islands of Hvar and Brač, Petrčana near Zadar, through Nadin, the hinterland of Skradin, Komarna, and Konavale to the hinterland of Dubrovnik. So, if you’re a fan of good white Croatian wine, grab a bottle and introduce your taste buds to this incredible variety! official zlibrary domain z library . Find free books

Key Takeaway: Pošip white wine has a mysterious history, but the truth is even more extraordinary! DNA analysis shows it’s a cross between two local varieties, and it was the first Croatian white wine to receive a controlled designation of origin in 1967. Fun fact: it’s named after the shape of the grape, with “Pošip” meaning “elongated” in Croatian.

Pošip Terroir

Pošip is one of the few native Croatian varieties that has managed to resist the infamous phylloxera pest and still grows on its rootstock, thanks to being planted in the sandy soils of Smokvica village. 

Pre-phylloxera, Korčula covered 4,000 hectares of vineyards, 70% being red varieties. But after the outbreak, the island was left with only 450 hectares of vineyards, and white varieties took over, with vineyards mainly dominated by Pošip.

As you wander through the charming village of Smokvica, you’ll be greeted by vineyards beautifully terraced into the rocky hillsides, fed by refreshing streams of fresh water. But don’t let the idyllic setting fool you. Korčula boasts rich, sun-kissed soils ranging from reddish brown to sandy, all while basking in the warm Mediterranean climate. Growing Pošip grapes here can be a challenge. The island’s humidity and coastal winds can cause problems for the delicate Pošip grapes. 

The vineyards need to be planted in just the right spot to counteract these environmental factors. And that’s not all – Pošip grapes are thin-skinned and require careful canopy management to protect them from the scorching sun. So, be sure to taste the delicious fruits of the winegrower’s labor, knowing all the hard work that goes into each bottle.

Food pairing recommendations

Prepare for a flavor explosion because Pošip wine is the perfect partner for all your favorite seafood dishes. Whether digging into an octopus salad, munching on some smoked white fish, crabs, and delicate shellfish like scallops, or savoring baked cod with asparagus and capers, Pošip has got you covered. 

But wait, there’s more! This wine is so tasty that it can even hold it against chicken roasted with butter and herbs or pork chops smothered in a tangy cream sauce. And if you’re looking for the ultimate pre-dinner treat, crack open a bottle of Pošip and pair it with salty olives and some hard cheese!

Key Takeaway: Savor the unique taste of Korčula’s Pošip wine, grown on sandy soils in Smokvica. Cheers to the island’s rich winemaking history! Surviving phylloxera, this Croatian native variety thrives in the Mediterranean sun but growing it is no easy feat.

Top 7 Pošip wines 

Are you in the mood for a tasty and top-quality white Croatian wine? Look no further because Pošip grapes have got you covered. These grapes are known for their high yield, and when treated right during harvesting and vinification, they produce full-bodied white wines with a perfect balance of acidity and alcohol.

But wait, it gets even better! If you pick these grapes a little earlier when they’re healthy and still have some green mass, you’ll get a lively, fruity wine packed full of freshness. This type of wine is perfect for Mediterranean cuisine based on fish, so if you love seafood and wine, it’s a match made in heaven!

And that’s not all! Pošip wines have an intense aroma and flavor reminiscent of dried apricots and figs. So, if you’re in the mood for something sweet and delicious, it’s also perfect for making Prošek wines. Let’s dive into the top 7 Pošip Croatian wines. 

Stina Pošip

The Stina winery is from the island of Brač, unique and famous for its white stone (in the Dalmatian dialect the word means – Stina). 

Brač stone is a symbol of both beauty and hardship in viticulture. Its stunning composition has been an inspiration for craftsmen throughout the centuries, yet it also speaks to the challenges that traditional vintners face while growing grapes and making wine. Give this impressive rock its due respect – grab a bottle made with this special Croatian white wine today!

Pošip is one of the Croatian white varieties with the greatest potential. This wine comes from Korcula, the old vineyards that are traditionally the best micro-location for growing Posip. The winery is from the island of Brač, unique and famous for its white stone (Stina). Many famous Croatian poets, authors, sculptors, and painters were born in Brač. Brač stone has always been a source of inspiration due to its beauty, but it is also a symbol of hardship when it comes to viticulture and viniculture. And that is where the inspiration for the name STINA comes from. In the Dalmatian dialect, this word means stone, the strongest symbol of the island of Brač.


Treat your taste buds to a flavor extravaganza when you pour this delicious bottle of wine. On the nose, it gives off tropical fruit aromas with a hint of vanilla and just enough Mediterranean herbs for intrigue. 

When sipped, its full-bodied fruity flavors tantalize while refreshing acidity keeps everything in balance – something that pairs stunningly well with all kinds of fish dishes! 

And don’t think only seafood lovers have access to this sensational beverage; meaty mains like veal or marinated poultry make ideal dinner partners too.

Full wine with ripe flavors, and a rich and layered scent. It hathe s dominant aromas of tropical fruit, peach, Mediterranean herbs, and vanilla. Composed acidity gives it a lovely balance and juiciness. It goes great with fish, and because of its fruitiness and fullness, it can be a great companion to meat such as veal or marinated poultry.

Key Takeaway: Enjoy a vibrant sip of sunshine with this tantalizing white wine! Each glass is filled to the brim with ripe, rich flavor layers. When you get the chance, put it on your table and find out why everyone simply can’t get enough of this amazing Croatian white wine!

Pošip Milan 

Who doesn’t deserve to kick back with their special someone and enjoy the ultimate romantic date? If picking out wines isn’t one of those things on your list, don’t fret! We’ve got some amazing Croatian wine that will delight your senses – limited production native Dalmatian Pošip Milan from Kaštela.

Perfectly balanced shades and sun exposure bring out ideal sugar, alcohol levels, and ripening; all due to its unique pergola cultivation method. The result is an experience that will delight even the most sophisticated palates – make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to taste it!


This light golden-colored wine has a super nice fruity aroma with a hint of minerals, salt, and limestone. The flavor is rounded out nicely with smooth fruity notes. It’s medium-bodied with a long finish that’s all apple and grape.

Key Takeaway: The wine you choose for your date can add just the right bit of sparkle that will turn even an ordinary meal into something truly magical. For that extra touch choose Pošip Milan! 

Krajančić Pošip Intrada

Meet Luka Krajančić, the mastermind behind Pošip’s rise to fame. His innovative approach to winemaking, combining low yield per vine with modern techniques, produces wines with a polished international flair that’s sure to turn heads. 

With a bold spirit and a passion for pushing boundaries, Krajančić is taking Korčula winemaking to the next level, infusing each bottle with the warmth and aroma of the south Adriatic island, reinterpreted in his unique style.


Get ready for a wild ride with this wine made through carefully controlled fermentation with a picky yeast selection. It’s a gorgeous straw-yellow color with sparkling green hues, and it’s got a unique taste. Fresh fruit flavors balance the acidity, think juicy apples and elderberries, with a hint of spicy vanilla and cinnamon to keep things interesting. You’ll feel a touch of dryness on your palate, which is unexpected for a white wine from Dalmatia but trust us, it’s all good.

Key Takeaway: Buckle up for an adventurous journey with this wine. Crafted to perfection through a surprisingly dry sensation on your palate, a delightful contrast to the balanced freshness and burst of fresh fruit flavors. Juicy apples and elderberries finished with spicy vanilla and cinnamon, will keep things exciting.

Black Island Winery Merga Victa Pošip

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Smokvica, an idyllic village nestled in the heart of Korčula island and the birthplace of the famous Pošip wine, where winemaking is still a traditional, handcrafted process. This magical place is home to the “Merga Victa,” meaning “path for water” in the old Dalmatian local dialect. “Merga Victa” are freshwater ponds that nourish the fertile vineyards that make Smokvica famous.

Step back in time and follow in the footsteps of the proud and dedicated grape growers of Smokvica. Situated on the picturesque outskirts of town, these vineyards are located on terraced fields carved out of rocky hillsides, nurtured by the pure water from streams. With a glass in hand, imagine the hard work and love that goes into every sip of this white nectar. And the best part? The winemakers still carry out most of their work by hand, just like their forefathers did, preserving the traditions and legacy of the land.

At Black Island Winery, the grapes are meticulously chosen from 25 family farmers who are based locally and have a rich heritage of grape cultivation. The idyllic village of Smokvica is home to a total of 200 vineyards situated between 40 and 160 meters above sea level. The vineyards are established, with vines growing for 15 years. The selected grapes come from three different soil types, including red soil, sand, and rocky terrain, ensuring the ideal balance for the wine.


This wine embodies the fiery spirit of the south with its bold minerality, sourced from the region’s unique blend of sand and stone. Imagine sipping this crisp wine and being transported to a sunny Mediterranean day. The golden hues shimmer in your glass as the fragrance of freshly picked citruses and green apples wafts to your nose. The fruity flavors of lemon and lime burst on the palate, balanced by bright acidity, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.

Key Takeaway: Discover the essence of the south with Merga Victa – the premier wine of Black Island Winery. Hand-selected from the rugged Smokvica vineyard, this bold and minerally wine is like no other. Savor the citrus and green apple aroma and taste as you’re transported to a sun-soaked Mediterranean day.

Zure Pošip

Step into the world of the Batistić-Zure family, a wine-making family with a rich heritage dating back to 1996. Their love for agriculture and viticulture runs deep beyond just grape and wine production. 

With a diverse background in viticulture, olive growing, vegetable cultivation, fishing, and cattle breeding, the Zure family has made a name for themselves on Korčula Island. Boasting 10 hectares of lush, new vineyards planted in 2011 and 2012, the Zure family now holds the title of having the largest vineyard on the island. But the family’s passion for winemaking doesn’t stop there. The new generation is eager to explore the unique and fascinating grape varieties of Grk and Pošip, beloved native grape varieties grown in the sandy soils of Lumbarda.


This wine boasts a fresh and aromatic bouquet with a medley of apples, vanilla, cinnamon, and fruit like apples and elderberry. It is a dry wine, showcasing intense fruit flavors and a rich minerality that creates a brisk, crisp finish on the palate. The Pošip grapes used for this wine were cultivated on the picturesque island of Korčula, situated atop a steep vineyard overlooking the sparkling Adriatic Sea.

Key Takeaway: It’s time to raise a glass to Zure winery! Cheers to tradition, innovation, and a future filled with flavorful discoveries! Indulge in the family’s long-standing love for all things wine and agriculture.

Rizman Pošip

The Štimac family has a long-standing tradition of wine growing that dates back to the early 20th century. Mihovil Mijo Popich, also known as Rizman, the great-grandfather of the current generation of the family, planted the first vineyards in 1918. However, it was not until 2006 that the Rizman winery began its production, skipping an entire generation of the family. The new vineyard was established in Komarna, Dalmatia, in previously unexplored locations. 

This required the construction of new infrastructure, which resulted in the creation of a brand-new wine-growing region in Croatia. The Štimac family was the first investor and the driving force behind this new region, which eventually expanded to include over 80 hectares of vine plants in 2012. Alongside the vineyard, a modern winery equipped with state-of-the-art technology was constructed, named Rizman in honor of the family’s first winemaker.


This wine is crafted from the native white Pošip grape variety, grown in vineyards on the steep southern slopes and hills in Komarna that stretch down to the sea. Pošip is widely regarded by many wine enthusiasts as Croatia’s most robust white grape. Rizman winery employs organic grape production, modern wine-making techniques, and contemporary processing to draw out the best qualities of the Pošip grape and establish its well-deserved reputation. The resulting wine is fresh, aromatic, and fruity.

Key Takeaway: Let’s toast to Rizman Winery and celebrate its commitment to tradition, innovation, and a future brimming with delicious discoveries! Explore the family’s enduring passion for viticulture and indulge in their exquisite wines.

Volarević Pošip

The Volarević winery is an exceptional family-owned business established by a father and his four sons. Their passion for wine-making led them to explore and discover the ideal location for vineyards on the slope beside the sea in the bay that faces the Pelješac peninsula. This micro-location is rich in quartz, and it provides triple insulation that includes the warmth of the sun, the rocky terrain, and the sea. These unique conditions make it an excellent spot for wine-growing, and the Volarević family has utilized this to their advantage.

The Volarević family prides themselves on adhering to ecological standards, and they have a deep understanding and respect for nature. They carefully hand-process their vineyards, ensuring that each grape is treated with utmost care and attention. As a result of their meticulous approach, the Volarević family has been able to produce high-quality wines that are beloved by many. With every sip, one can taste the passion and commitment that goes into crafting their wines, making them a true delight for wine lovers around the world.


The Pošip wine is a truly exquisite wine that is carefully crafted using only the best grapes harvested from the Komarna vineyards. Its beautiful golden yellow color, combined with greenish hues, is just the beginning of the sensory experience. The wine is known for its distinguishing fragrance of finely tuned floral blossoms that fill the air as you take a sip. The bouquet is further enhanced by the notes of orange peel and calluna honey, which create a truly unique and unforgettable aroma.

This dry wine boasts a higher alcohol, which gives it a powerful and intense taste, and a smooth and elegant flavor that is rich in extract and ideally measured acidity. These features blend perfectly to create a ripe and powerful wine that is sure to impress even the most discerning of wine enthusiasts.

Key Takeaway: With a focus on sustainable vineyard management and traditional winemaking techniques, the Volarević winery creates bold and flavorful wines that are true to the rich heritage.

FAQs About Pošip

What is Posip wine like?

Pošip grapes are known for their high quality and yield, producing a full-bodied, dry white wine with a well-balanced alcohol and acid content when adequately harvested and vinified. With an intense aroma and flavor profile, the wine presents a golden yellow hue in the glass and boasts scents of dried herbs from the Mediterranean, apricots, citrus, and pine. The most outstanding Pošip wines showcase a harmonious, full-bodied-ness and exceptional balance. 

Anticipate a brilliant golden hue in the wine glass, accompanied by scents of dried herbs from the Mediterranean, apricots, a hint of citrus, apple, melon, and notes of vanilla, almond, and walnuts. The finest Pošip wines exhibit a harmonious and full-bodied taste with a remarkable balance. These wines are made in a dry style, with options available that have been aged in oak barrels or are un-oaked.

Is Posip dry?

Pošip is the ultimate dry white wine for those who enjoy a crisp, refreshing taste. With its range of juicy, Sauvignon Blanc-like flavors to bold, mineral-rich Chablis-style options and rich, polished wines reminiscent of the finest offerings from the Côte d’Or, there’s something for everyone. Some even compare Pošip to the white wines of Southern Rhône. 

Whether you’re looking for a light summertime sipper to pair with salads and seafood grills, or a bold option for autumn and winter dishes, Pošip delivers. With its sur lie aging for added depth or skin maceration for a unique orange flavor, Pošip is truly a versatile wine for all seasons. And for those with a sweet tooth, be sure to try the delicious Prošek made from Pošip. 

What is Posip Croatia?

Pošip is a native white grape variety widely acclaimed and highly sought after. It was originally grown in the region of Korčula, where it gained recognition and popularity. Until a decade and a half ago, the Pošip grape could only be found in Korčula and nowhere else. However, today the grape is grown in various locations throughout the Dalmatian coast, including the Pelješac peninsula, Brač, Hvar, Pakleni islands, Korlat, and the Biokovo region.


Uncover the mystery behind the exquisite Pošip white wine, a sensation that’s taken the Croatian wine scene by its exquisite character! 

From its legendary discovery to the truth behind its DNA, this grape variety epitomizes elegance and flavor. 

Embark on a journey through the rolling hills of Čara and Smokvica in the heart of Korčula, where Pošip vines first took root and flourished. 

Experience the rich history of this remarkable wine, dating back to ancient times on Korčula, but now spreading its magic across the southern Dalmatian region. 

From the slopes of Pelješac and Biokovo to the rolling hills of Hvar and Brač, let your taste buds savor the finest Pošip wines crafted with care and passion. So, if you’re a fan of good Croatian white wine, get ready for a sip of adventure and a taste of pure bliss with Pošip.

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