Šimunović & Szabo Winery

Meet the wine enthusiasts from Šimunović & Szabo winery crafting top-quality wines of the finest grapes from Dalmatia's Dingač and Bucavac appellations!

Croatia has its vins de garage (garage wines). However, they were created in slightly different circumstances.

Danijel Szabo and his business partner Damir Šimunović are passionate wine hobbyists and lovers whose love for wine has grown to the desire to experience the final stage of everyone’s intimate relationship with wine – creation.

They produced the first Dingač Plavac Mali in the middle of Zagreb, on Markuševac, a couple of years ago.

They buy grapes only from the best Dalmatian appellations, such as Plavac Mali from Dingač in Pelješac and Babić from Bucavac in Primošten, to produce top-quality wines adored by wine enthusiasts from all over the world.

They also produce wines from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties.





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