Radović Winery

Discover the rich history of Radović winery in Pelješac! Indulge in their famed Plavac Mali wines, grown on the stunning Dingač and Postup appellations.

The Radović family from the Pelješac peninsula has been involved in viticulture and wine production for generations. They were even one of the founders of the village treasury in 1908 and the first Agricultural cooperative in Potomje.

The dominant native grape variety in Radović winery is Plavac mali, one of the most famous Croatian red wines.

Radović family wines, thanks to their exceptional quality, have been awarded at many fairs and exhibitions, and the word about their quality has crossed our borders.

Visitors can taste top-quality Plavac Mali wines made from grapes grown on famous Dingač and Postup appellations.

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