Dubrovnik Cellars Winery

Discover the Dubrovnik cellars winery! With a long tradition from 1876, they produce top-quality wines from both native and international varieties!

Dubrovnik cellars winery is the leading winery in the Konavle wine-growing region based on reach, and production quality, with a long tradition that began in 1876 with the founding of the renowned Podrum Pero Kolić company.

In the efforts of increasing quality, building the brand, and optimizing production, thanks to enthusiastic Dubrovnik cellars’ experts, today, Dubrovnik cellars manage 20 hectares of their vineyards and 10 hectares of vineyards in collaboration with local growers.

The following wines are produced:

  • native Malvasia Dubrovačka.
  • Crljenak (Zinfandel)
  • and Plavac Mali,

And international varieties:

  • Chardonnay,
  • Syrah,
  • Cabernet Sauvignon,
  • Cabernet Franc,
  • Merlot.

Their renovated tasting room, with 65 seats, serves educational and promotional purposes. It also depicts the traditional ways of cultivating grapes and wine production in Konavle. Guided wine tasting is arranged for groups. Prior notification is obligatory.

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Mon. - Fri.: 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM Sat.: 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM