Senjković Winery

Senjković winery is a family winery driven by the desire to elevate the almost century-old tradition and love for wine production to a higher level; it started planting new vineyards and producing top-quality wines.

In the middle of the raw beauties of Brač island, the Senjković family vineyard grows, where the stingy soil gives birth to heavenly nectar.

The former little vineyard is today a vineyard of 8 hectares, all thanks to the enthusiasm of Tonči Senjković and his sons, Larija and Saša, with their families.

From the care for each vine, the reduction of the stem, and the final selection of the best quality bunches, through the aging of the wine in oak barrels, all the way to the importance they attach to the aesthetics of the labeling of the bottles, family Senjković is focused on the quality.

Wine is produced from varieties:

  • Pošip,
  • Plavac Mali,
  • Cabernet Sauvignon,
  • Syrah.

Visitors can have an organized wine-tasting and cellar tour on prior notice.

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