Šember Winery

Discover the Šember family's commitment to the art of winemaing! Taste their respect for tradition and nature in every sip of their exceptional wines.

Nestled on the lush slopes of Plešivica hills lies a paradise teeming with wildlife – the vineyards of the Šember family. For three generations, this family has been passionately taking care of their estate in Donji Pavlovčani.

Their vineyards span over 6 hectares with a south-southwest orientation. The age of the vines varies from 10 to 90 years, reflecting the family’s dedication and experience in crafting fine wines.

But the Šember family’s winery is not just any ordinary wine producer. In 2011, they blew the wine world away by producing their first amphorae wine – a Rhine riesling from qvevri, utilizing the unique Georgian traditional winemaking method.

After the wine tour, visitors can taste  some of their awarded wines:

  • Šember Brut,
  • Šember Brut Rosé (Pinot Noir),
  • Rhein Riesling,
  • Rhein Riesling Qvevri,
  • Chardonnay,
  • Pinot Noir.

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