Prigora Winery

Sip on the taste of nature with Prigora Winery's organically grown, hand-harvested wines from the picturesque landscape of Croatia Uplands. Visit the winery for a tasting of their ecological and natural wines!

The Prigora winery (Bedekovich), located on the picturesque landscape of Croatia Uplands, is only a 30-minute drive from Zagreb.

The prevailing continental climate:

  • sufficient rainfall and freshness,
  • pleasant winds,
  • and steep hills facing southwest and east, which receive more insolation,

provide the right conditions for creating refreshing, fruit-forward wines of light alcohol.

The wines come from an ecological vineyard followed by the same principles in the winery to convey the terroir from which they come fully.

The vineyards are located near Bedenica, on a hill 200 to 400 meters above sea level, and the harvest is entirely done by hand. The winery is located right next to the vineyards.

Visit their winery and taste different grape varieties made in different styles and types. The line of natural wines that highlight their quality with regular awards at prestigious world competitions is strongly recommended.

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Bedenica 101
Bedenica 10381 Zagrebačka županija HR
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