PP Orahovica

PP Orahovica has more than 10 760 ha of farming land at its disposal and employs more than 300 employees. The basic activities of PP Orahovica are: cultivation of land, cattle-breeding, fruit-growing, winegrowing, fishery.

The Agricultural Company Orahovica, limited company was founded as “Agricultural and Food Company Orahovica” in 1963. Till the end of 2005, PP Orahovica d.d. operates in 11 units: Farming, Cattle Breeding, Grapes and Wine, Pig Breeding, Fishery, Mill and Silo, Slaughterhouse and Bakery. Their vineyards stretch over 179 ha where a number of grape varieties is are grown: Green Silvaner, Pinot Gris, Rhine Riesling, Graševina, Frankovka, Chardonnay and Sauvignon. The old cellar was built in 1894 by the well-known wine-grower Martin Nagy, and today it is modernly equipped for grape processing and wine bottling.

PP Orahovica is located in the untouched area of eastern Croatia, at the territory between the river Drava in the north and the slopes of Papuk and Krndija in the northwest, along the edges of the Nature Park Papuk.

In such natural environment, there are hazelnuts and vine growing, cows and calves grazing, fish are being bred… It is the area of great beauty and natural varieties. Therefore, the basis of business activities of PP Orahovica is the sustainable development, which means optimal usage of natural resources, preservation of natural and cultural heritage. Special attention is paid to rational consumption of non renewable sources, because we are aware that irrational and excessive consumption can disturb the national balance in the nature.

We are continuously working on the development of business activities and the quality in production processes, all resulting in top quality healthy domestic products.

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Ulica Stjepana Mlakara 5
Orahovica 33515 Virovitičko-podravska županija HR
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