Gracin Winery

Meet the Gracin winery, a winery taking the wine world by storm with its incredible red wine, produced on Bucavac appellation from native variety - Babić!

Gracin winery is a family winery founded by enologist Leo Gracin together with his father, Anton, in 2000.

In 2006, the first wine made from a native variety – Babić – was released, and its quality amazed wine enthusiasts and the professional public.

The person responsible for the authentic and long-running affirmation of this top native Croatian variety is certainly Leo Gracin.

Babić is an excellent variety that, in the right hands, is clearly capable of reaching a level of quality unreachable by others.

The terroir from which Babić comes is best pictured with words like rock, sun, sea, wind, and the name Suha Punta, as is the nickname of the area due to very little precipitation during vegetation.

The characteristic vineyards, best described as stone lace, within which grapevines grow, are the trademark symbol of this wine district.

The Gracin winery cultivates Babić at two appellations in Primošten. One is the aforementioned Bucavac, with two vineyards of about 1.3 hectares in total, and the other is Sljinovac with 3 hectares of vineyards. Grapes are also bought from Primošten winemakers, and come from vineyards up to 50 years old.

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