Erdutski vinogradi Winery

Visit Erdutski vinogradi, a delightful winery nestled above the majestic Danube! Enjoy the charms of their wines in the authentic surrounding!

The Erdut vineyards are located on the eastern slopes of the Dalj mountain next to the Danube river.

The vineyards are stretched on fertile loess alluvium in an east-west direction on the slopes, with the highest elevations of 130 to 190 m, and gently descend to the south.

The Erdutski vinogradi winery produces wine from 460 hectares of their own vineyards.

As for the assortment, white varieties make up 80% of the winery production, while red varieties make up 20%.

The most represented white grape variety is:

  • Graševina, followed by
  • Chardonnay,
  • Rhine Riesling,
  • Traminac Fragrant,
  • Pinot Gris,

and the red varieties

  • Zweigelt,
  • Cabernet Sauvignon,
  • Pinot Noir,
  • Merlot and
  • Blaufränkisch.

In their wine cellar, visitors can take a walk around the largest wine barrel in use in the world. The barrel has a total volume of 75,000 liters and is always full of Graševina wine, because Graševina is the trademark of the entire wine region.

Take a walk through history to get to know the winery, vineyards, and good wines kept in the cellars of the Erdutski vinogradi winery.

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Mon. - Fri.: 07:30 AM - 15:30 PM