Daruvar Badel Winery

Discover the secret behind Daruvar Badel winery! Explore centuries-old wine cellar and vineyards on the picturesque slopes of Bilogora, Papuk, and Psunj mountains.

Daruvar Badel winery has a rich history of producing quality wines. Its vineyards spread over the slopes of Bilogora, Papuk, and Psunje, continue the tradition of viticulture and cellaring that go back to ancient times.

Popular wines are made from:

  • Graševina,
  • Sauvignon,
  • Rhine Riesling
  • and Chardonnay white grape varieties,

cultivated on more than 160 hectares in Donji Daruvar and Đulovac.

Their quality and top-quality wines are stored in the historical cellar of Count Janković’s castle. An excellent wine boutique, an archive wine cellar, and museum exhibits from Roman times accompany the historic wine cellar.

Popular wine festivals and festivities are celebrated in Donji Daruvar, next to the winery, on a hill above endless rows of vines, especially during St. Vincent and St. Martin day.

In the wine-growing localities of Đulovac and Donji Daruvar, there is the possibility of tasting wine outdoors near the vineyard, spending time in nature, and experiencing the harvest’s joy and happiness.


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Bjelovarska ulica 66
Donji Daruvar 43500 Bjelovarsko-bilogorska županija HR
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