Arman Franc Winery

"Discover the Franc Arman winery, with 150 years of winemaking tradition. Hand-picked grapes, a rich bouquet, and a cellar full of excellence await you!

The Franc Arman family, led by excellent winemakers Franco and Oliver Arman, continues the fundamental values ​​of the tradition of their ancestors, who started growing vines as far back as 1850—especially grandfather Edoard Arman brought the art of making “good” wine to its peak.

Just as their fathers and grandfathers taught them, respecting the centuries-old knowledge passed down through the generations in the Arman family, Franc, and Oliver carefully select the best grapes and pick them carefully by hand.

This way, the wines get their personality, distinctive aroma, and a rich bouquet. These multiple award-winning wines are nurtured, matured, and stored in a family cellar with ideal conditions, a basement in which there is a synergy of tradition, innovation, and excellence.

The wine is made from varieties:

  • Malvasia Istriana,
  • Pinot Grigio,
  • Chardonnay,
  • Moscato,
  • Sauvignon Blanc,
  • Teran,
  • Cabernet Franc,
  • Merlot.

Visitors can have a wine tasting of their awarded wines on prior notice.

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Summer working hours Mon. - Sat.: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM Winter working hours Mon. - Sat.: 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM